Home Values On The Rise in 2014 – How Does This Impact You?

Rising Home Prices

Did you know that home prices are up over 12 percent compared to last year?1

If your home value has increased, you may be able to access more funds with a new reverse mortgage loan than you could in 2013.

With current low rates and fee options, today’s reverse mortgage loan may be a great way for you to improve your cash flow and gain financial security during your retirement.

You could use your reverse mortgage loan to:

  1. Payoff your existing mortgage or credit card debt2
  2. Help your retirement savings last longer
  3. Gain a predictable, tax-free source of income3

To better determine your eligibility and estimate the amount of loan you may receive please use our free Eligibility Calculator located above. If you have any questions and prefer to speak with a licensed Advisor please call us today at (866) 751-2606.