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Discover the Benefits of the NEW EquityIQ Jumbo Reverse Mortgage

With the EquityIQ jumbo reverse mortgage from Liberty, owners of higher value homes may access more funds with lower upfront costs than a traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). It’s benefits include:

Access To More Cash

Up to $4 million

Lower Upfront Costs

With no MIP requirement

Easier Eligibility

Age 55+, condos & purchases

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How does the EquityIQ jumbo reverse mortgage work?

The EquityIQ jumbo reverse mortgage is a loan that enables senior homeowners to convert a portion of their home’s equity into usable funds. Similar to a traditional reverse mortgage (known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), a jumbo reverse mortgage does not require borrowers to make monthly mortgage payments as long as they meet the terms of their loan including paying property taxes, insurance and home maintenance.

Proceeds from the EquityIQ jumbo loan can be used to :

  • Supplement your retirement income
  • Pay off your existing mortgage
  • Eliminate high interest debt
  • Stretch retirement savings
  • Stay in your home

To learn how EquityIQ may help you, contact one of our licensed Liberty reverse mortgage specialist today at 866.270.1299.

Which Financing Option Is Right For You?

The following chart illustrates some of the differences between the EquityIQ jumbo reverse mortgage and the traditional HECM loan.

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*Your current mortgage(s) and any other existing liens against the property must be paid off at or before closing. You must live in the home as your primary residence, continue to pay required property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintain the home according to FHA requirements. Failure to meet these requirements can trigger a loan default that may result in foreclosure.